Challenging Gender Equality in Scotland

What needs to change to make things better for young women?


4 thoughts on “Challenging Gender Equality in Scotland

  1. I agree with Jennifer. Women’s groups gave evidence to the Leveson Enquiry about how the media, especially newspapers show women. It was included in the Leveson report but somehow that has been dropped from all discussions. I think when large numbers speak out – then things can change. Just look – this week Tesco have agreed to cover up lads mags. they may not have stopped stocking them but they had to listen to all the voices telling them it must change.

  2. The way feminism is presented, better education about what it really stands for, emphasizing gender equality for women AND men. Many of my peers fear ‘feminism’ as an ideology that ignores the oppression men also face and views them as the enemy. I believe this is why there is often such a backlash to feminist thinking. If we can develop a better understanding of what feminism really is and try to incorporate men in developing our ideas, women won’t be criticized so viciously for being feminist and can therefore take steps to improve the situation for all young people. This, of course, is just the impression I get from my peers and what I believe to be increasing the division between men and women even more.

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