Young Women’s Network

The Young Women’s Network (YWN) has been set up, by the SWC (Scottish Women’s Convention), to engage with young women from across Scotland.

A forum will allow young women from all across Scotland to discuss particular issues such as employment, the media, education. This blog will go live on June 20th. To find out more about this blog please click here.

Your views and experiences are important to the ongoing work of the SWC.

This blog is being monitored and inappropriate comments will be removed


2 thoughts on “Young Women’s Network

  1. Great concept. Just wondering who you are including in your “young woman” tag line – up to 18/25/30/35??? I can’t seem to find any reference to the age ranges you are trying to engage with within your publications. Thanks.

    • Hi Robyn,

      Our age range of the young women’s network is 16 – 25. But, on this site if you have a comment or an opinion of being a young women you are more than welcome to comment and express your view.

      Hope this helps.

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