A false sense of perfection?

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This is an event organised by the Young Women’s Network. This has been set up to discuss and explore the sexualisation of young women. Pressure to conform, the media, social media and commercialism all contribute to the increased burdens faced by young women today.  Many have spoken about the difficulties in challenging stereotypical images, TV and magazine reports as well as peer pressure.

There will be speakers and workshops on the day.

The event will take place on Saturday 19th October in the Teacher Building, St Enoch Square Glasgow.

To come along to this event visit www.swcyoungwomen.eventbrite.com or call 0141 339 4797.


The portrayal of young women in the media

Magazines on a stand in a newsagents


“Women are for sale. Our bodies are seen as public property to be viewed, rated and reviewed.” – Linda Thomson, Women’s Support Project.

Sexuality is something which has been socially constructed – how we understand and experience sex is heavily contingent upon the cultural and historical circumstances in which we live.

Do you think the way young women are portrayed in the media has a direct impact on your life? Do you have any examples of how you feel like you are public property?