Young Women’s Network Event Autumn 2013

The Young Women’s Network is holding an event in the Autumn. We want to know issues which you want to talk about. From the sexualisation of young women to education to the referendum.

Name three issues which you want our event to focus on.


7 thoughts on “Young Women’s Network Event Autumn 2013

  1. I would like:- the referendum, women in the media, and how to build women’s self esteem – not looking like airbrushed models

  2. I would like to see: representation of women in the media, the lack of women in STEM professions/what it is like for women who are in these professions, and the sexist double standard that is ‘slut shaming’

  3. I think that Mental Health is a big issue for young women today as is representation in the media. How to be a young and female in industries which are dominated by males – I work in government for example, but also the science and technology industries would have similar issues. Or even in your free time – I look at Conventions like Comic Con and others and the sexism women face there. I went to a really interesting seminar on implicit bias against women last week and there was a really fascinating discussion on double standards like ‘slut shaming’ but also to do with how assertive behaviour for one is aggressive for the other.

  4. I think it would be great to hear about the experience of BME young women in Scotland, women’s health (particularly mental health and reproductive rights) and the impact of austerity on women and how this can be challenged.

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